About Culoul Sawmills

Culoul Sawmills is committed to sustainable timber harvesting.

Mill-HistoryWe source premium re-growth hardwood timber species of the very highest quality from privately owned land in the Hunter and Hunter Valley regions of New South Wales.

We use every part of the trees we harvest. Each tree is carefully chosen and felled,  before being milled and graded.

The very finest timber from each log is used in our beautiful tongue and groove hardwoodflooring. We grade and mill the remainder for home building, decking and pergolas, cabin and shed cladding, fencing posts and rails, bridge girders, and large-section construction timbers for commercial and residential projects.

Finally, off cuts are returned to the Earth as garden and landscaping mulch.

70 Years of sustainable timber harvesting and safety

Culoul Sawmills is a second-generation, Australian-owned company run by the Mackintosh family.  Culoul Sawmill began operating in 1939. and in 1960, Jim Buckett purchased the mill from the original owners.

In 1985, when many sawmills were disappearing from the Hawkesbury River region, John Mackintosh purchased the business from Jim Buckett.

John’s aim was to provide work for his growing family and he certainly achieved his goal. Today, 7 of his children and his son-in-law run the company in partnership, continuing a tradition of sustainable logging, and passing on skills to the next generation.

Unlike some larger mills, Culoul Sawmills has an enviable safety record and the family is proud of the mills’ extremely high timber recovery rate.

Educational visits teach local schoolchildren how sustainable timber harvesting can co-exist with conservation of natural resources.

This commitment to its community and industry has enabled Culoul Sawmills to continue producing high-quality timber cut to order for commercial and residential projects.

John Mackintosh – A proud Australian Story

John-Mackintosh-&-Jim-BuckeJohn Mackintosh began his life in a bark hut before moving to Colo Heights, north of Sydney, at the age of 7 with his parents and nine siblings in 1933.

As a youngster, he burnt timber for charcoal to supplement the family reserves, and later for Jim Buckett. Making charcoal was an all night process and John had the knack of producing a high-quality product.

In his 20s, John owned one of the three service stations at Colo Heights. Later, he incorporated earthmoving into the business and began contracting to cut, snig and cart timber for Jim Buckett.

In 1971, John settled his wife, Emily, 6 boys and a girl at the mill, allowing him to take on more of the mill’s operations. Four more boys were later born into the clan.

During this time, Mackintosh Timber Mill came into being when John and some of his brothers began logging and milling timber. John would work at Culoul Mill for half the week, and then spend the rest working the family mill.

On buying out Jim Buckett in 1985, the Mackintosh Timber Mill name was laid to rest and the two mills were combined under Culoul Sawmills.

The head of the Mackintosh clan retains a keen interest in the company he created. He and Emily continue to live in semi-retirement at the mill.