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hardwood timber cladding

hardwood timber cladding is a popular choice

Naturally beautiful, easy to use and economical - it's a wonder hardwood timber cladding continues to be a popular choice with builders and DIY home renovators for homes, cabins, sheds and barns.

The use of Cladding for sheds and cabins provides the buildings with more natural advantages. Cladding has inbuilt flexibility that enables it to handle high winds and is more suited to those areas that are subjected to extreme climates as the natural weight and strength gives it far better resistance that other forms of building materials.

The natural beauty of Australian Hardwood timber cladding makes it the stylish option for feature walls on commercial buildings.

5 Reasons why to choose Australian Hardwood Cladding

Effective for heat insulation
Noise Reduction
Strength & Durability
Duplicate existing rows to add more.
Cost Effective
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